Magic Words That Bring You Business – How to Talk So Prospects Get Excited to Buy Your Products and Join Your Team

  • MLM
  • May 9, 2019

One of the most frustrating things about building a network marketing business is knowing you have a very valuable product and life-changing business opportunity, and yet other people just can’t “see what you see”.

You do your best to communicate the value of what you have, but your prospects continue to blow you off with lame excuses (no time, no money, already like the brand I’m using, etc).

If you find people just aren’t listening to you when you share your products and business with them, it’s likely not because of what you’re DOING, but what you’re SAYING.

This is NOT your fault. Most network marketing professionals have never been taught how to communicate about your products or business so it’s easy for other people to “get the value” and take action.

Thankfully, there is a simple way to talk to prospects that can quickly lead to more sales and team growth. In a previous blog post, I introduced you to this approach, which I call the “Magic Words that Bring You Business”.

The most important thing to remember when talking to others is focus on theBENEFITS of what you have to offer. For example, rather than talk ABOUT your products or opportunity, talk about what your products and opportunity can do FOR them!

People don’t necessarily want your “product” or even a “business” – but many do want the results or experiences your product or business can give them; when you speak more directly about these results or experiences, people get curious and automatically want to learn more.

There’s another aspect to this approach that’s important to know; in addition to showcasing what your products and business can do FOR your prospects, you also want to talk about how they will FEEL (by using your products or building a business from home).

Why are feelings so important?

As humans, we make decisions for EMOTIONAL reasons (and then justify those decisions with logic). People will purchase from you or join your team because they want to FEEL a specific way.

For example, a woman may purchase a weight loss product because of the benefits it provides (the opportunity to shed some unwanted pounds, be more fit, get healthy). By losing the weight, she also hopes to FEEL more attractive, more confident, perhaps less self conscious about her appearance (andoften these feelings are motivating her to buy, even more than the “results” or benefits she’ll experience by using the product).

Likewise, someone might join your team because he wants to make some extra money (one of the obvious main results or benefits of a network marketing business). He is also motivated because he expects to FEEL a certain way by having more money (a greater sense of security, freedom, independence, the opportunity to contribute to others, etc).

When you understand how much people are motivated by their EMOTIONS, you’ll be able to inspire more of them to become customers and business partners. The key to growing your monthly check is to help others recognize how they will will FEEL when they use your products or take part in your business.

How would this sound? Here’s another “Magic Words” formula that can make an immediate difference in your results:

My products/business can ______________(solve this problem, give you this benefit)

so you can _____________________________(feel this way).

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