The people.

Now She Speaks is an organization offering coaching programs, strong  networking that works, events, trips, business loans, grants and membership to our premier organization that is taking social media by storm!  

Everything we do is geared to bring women together in business in a way that has never been seen before.  Our mission is simple, we don’t want any woman to not have the ability to make good business decisions because she doesn’t have money! 

We have a network of over 7,500 EMPOWERED women who are ready and willing to encourage you, support you, and patronize you as you navigate your journey to entrepreneurship and financial FREEDOM!

For decades, CEO and Founder, Joelle Moore has been motivating and helping people just like you to achieve their dreams.  She’s an expert in business planning, MLM businesses, credit improvement, real estate, network marketing, social media, product marketing; and so much more. 

Now She Speaks was created to be able to share that knowledge with dreamers and achievers just like you! Tap into her network and join this empowerment movement!

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Joelle Nwoke